Wednesday 15 February 2023

Let's dig a little deeper in girls hookup

Nowadays, using dating and hook up apps to chat and find one night stand has become the most important way for hook up hunters. The dating and hook up apps bring people closer and make hookups easier. So how can you use those flirt hook up apps to successfully make appointments? Let’s rely on the editor for a long time. Let’s give you a detailed introduction to the method of making an appointment.

Unlike tinder or blendr, the so-called one night stand apps were not the area that I paid the most attention to in the past. I used to think they are just waste of time. In order to get rid of prejudice and combine the scientific concept of development in the big cause of hookups, I still tried the so-called magical weapon for one night stand.

I played xdate for about a week, sent out 57 greetings, responded to 39 (the response rate was 68%), and met 8 girls. I live in New York city. All 57 girls (at least on the photo) are girls with a appearance score of 7 or more. Considering that everyone has different scoring standards, 7 points are for my girlfriend.

Why do girls use one night dating apps? This is a question. Admittedly, are there any girls who use xdate to hookup? Yes, but there shouldn't be many, and there are very few who are reliable in appearance. As long as the appearance of the girl is not bad, there is still a lot of people wanting to hook up with her. One of the advantages that Xdate can bring to women is that there is no hidden danger of social consequences. Vanity, passing the time, following the trend… are all reasons why girls us one night hook up apps. It doesn't matter, if you build your own road and play well, she will still come out.

The response rate is different from off-line and real life pick-ups. In theory, you need better self-building and first impression display to increase the response rate. If the response rate of girls is very low, it proves that there is a problem with your own construction and file display. Xdate emphasizes good photo display. Instead of scratching the scalp to think of some brilliant text, it is better to focus on the photos. A nice picture is worth a thousand words. In another way, when a man looks at a woman’s profile, what do you pay attention to? It’s the same!

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