Wednesday 15 February 2023

How Do People Have One Night Stand Correctly?

As far as we know, we are living in an internet era and our life runs quickly. People often participate in all kinds of social activities to expand their social relationship. If they don’t, they will meet difficulties in making friends, more or less. However, it is a fact that they don’t have enough time and energy to do this at the end of the day. So, definitely, using those best free dating apps to make friends is a good choice and this is what they are doing.

In the meanwhile, we have noticed that some people have some misunderstanding to those online adult friend finder apps. Some people feel ashamed to share their experience of making casual hookup friends with their family and friends. Some people believe that they will be fooled or even be stolen money by someone because apps are full of scams. It is true that many people are against to online dating apps for their own reasons but I don’t think they have to be like this.

I have been living a swinging lifestyle for a few years and I don’t think there is anything wrong with my life now. But, what I want to say is that I did really mind others knowing I was addicted to one night stands, especially people around me. I didn’t want to be treated as a person who lacks love, so I never discussed with them about dating apps.

As time went, I got more and more from other talented people who told me that I don’t have to avoid this problem willfully. Because it has become a part of my life. From then on, there was some shifts to my attitude toward casual hookups. I began to try to let my family and friends know that I was dating people by using a hookup app.

Since then, I find that life seems to be easier, because I can make my own decision freely, at the same time, I can even get some useful opinions from the people around me. Although sometimes we are criticized by some conservative people, it doesn't affect me, because I know exactly what I am doing. Unlike those who can easily mistake a one-night stand for love, I have my own rule that all hookups are no-strings-attached hookups.

So, when someone messes up really badly, I don't think it has anything to do with the dating style, but rather that the people involved are not following this basic principle properly. However, I'm not trying to tell people how good one-night stands are. I just hope that people will respect our choice. After all, it's our right to choose who we want to date.

At the same time, I'm here to give my advice, that is, don't think things too complicated. When you meet someone you like online or in real life at a bar, nightclub, etc. You can enjoy some casual sex with each other. But when it's light, you don't know each other. It's the perfect one night stand.

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