Wednesday 15 February 2023

Things you don't say when chatting with a girl online

As a young woman who likes to use online dating site, I think I am qualified to sum up what kind of opening line that women like and what women hate. It is know to all that those free chatting sites has been an important part of our life which can shine our life now. Some people rely on those apps to find ideal dating partners. It is nothing new to hear our friends to find new friends or lover from some famous dating site. Actually, I also found my ex-boyfriend from Bumble dating app.

Although we are in a break, I am also a user of it. Women may have feeling that sometimes, some men are rude to us or they make us feel they are impolite. Now, let’s see the words that may leave bad impression on women online now.

Please don't say hi, baby as your first word.

Our females like to find people with same hobbies, but we don’t want to be called baby by stranger men. This can be weird. When unknown guys called me baby, I will think he is just a weird person who may just wants to find casual dates. There are many words you can say for greeting and you don’t need to say baby. There are more guys online than women because women don’t have the sense of safety online now. When we meet casual people, we may just ignore. Some guys are really great but they should avoid saying this.

Please don't send drooling emojis.

In real world, we don’t like lusty guys let alone online dating apps. When guys send me this emoji, I will feel uncomfortable. I guess many females have the same feeling as me that this guy is lusty and he doesn’t deserve our trust. I met a guy who just sent me emoji and I deleted him. I thought it was my reason but when I told my cousin, she said she would take same action. Then, I think this is a bad decision for adult male users.

Please don't ask people what they are looking for.

Why? We know some people come to online chatting apps because they just want to find casual dates but when you ask them directly, they may think you are weird. This is the common sense for us. People come to apps for fun. If you keep asking what they are looking for now, you will be regards as tricky person. We can imagine that in real life, when we meet some tricky people, we may stay away from them. Online chats spend less time and energy now so that you have less chance to chat with the females you are really interested in.

We should know that no matter people seek for one night stands, serious dating and only chats are also okay for us. I know a guy who keeps asking me this question and I am afraid to make friend with him. Why? I am worried that he may bring some trouble in the later life if we are friends. I never want to get some trouble online now.

Please don't ask our females our snapchat.

I have asked my female friends if a stranger asks our sc directly, what they will think about this guy. Most of them tell me they will never give and just say goodbye to this guy. This is not a joking. Now, sc becomes to way to get exposed photos more. When being asked, we will feel this guy is less reliable because it seems that he just wants to find one night stands without being my real friend or lover. For those people, I will refuse them at the very beginning. If guys want to find real dates, you should also avoid saying this.

To be honest, some top dating apps have enriched our life and finding the people online can be a good choice. After seeing what guys should avoid doing, I hope more male users can have great dating partners online. Everyone deserves to find best people now. Good luck to all people!

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