Wednesday 15 February 2023

Major Tips to Reduce Your Fear on Free Dating Apps

Now, when you ask people if they ever used free dating apps to find local new friends, I guess over 70% adult people will say yes. Yes, making friends online is not a bad thing for me. Firstly, we can find some nice people with same hobbies. When we are bored, we can chat with them. Some of them are in the same city as us and we can go out with them for same hobbies.

For example, I joined a bike club from a Happn dating app and it does help to know some interesting new people. Now, I go out with them for biking once a week. This is cool for me. And then, we can know the people we may never know in real life. Yes, I have known a campus beau from a famous dating app and he asks me out. Although I said sorry to him but we exchanged our contact information. Now, we still send messages to each other. Of course, joining some free dating apps can help us to release our pressure.

When I have bad time on work or relationship, I will open apps and find people to chat. I don’t know why the people online can be more open-minded than I think. By the way, saying sorry to the strangers is not as hard as I guess. I can be more free online now. And now, I want to mention three important things to reduce our fear when chatting online, hoping that all people can enjoy this way better.

Staying true when chatting with new people online. It is normal that everyone may be shy with no word when meeting new people no matter online or in real life. When I chat with handsome guys online, I will feel nervous and shy but I try to comfort myself that this happens to all. If you are still nervous and don’t know what you should say, you can try to take deep breath twice. It makes you feel much better. Of course, if you are shy because you don’t know what you should talk as an opening line, you can ask two questions.

The first question is that what the hobby of this person. Mostly, people will answer you and if you have same hobbies, why not say that you can go out someday. For example, I like to swim and when I ask people, if they say they also like it, I will tell this guy we can go to swim someday.

Be confident. I mean you should be know that you worth everything wonderful in the world. My friend Tim is not a confident guy and he is shy. I try to praise him more in order to build up his confidence. When we chat with people in top dating site, we should know that no one can be rude to us. When you meet bad people who are rude to you, you should say goodbye at the first time. No matter in real life or in online chatting apps, no one can cross our line and we all have our principles.

Actually, I met a very handsome and rich guy online who seems to be a very good dating partner. But he often told me that I should cherish him because I didn’t deserve him. I didn’t know why he said this because for me. I am also unique and I deserve to get the best guy in the world. Of course, I need to be positive in life and work but this is not the reason he can be arrogant. Yes, especially for young women, I want to say that we should be confident and say no to the people who cannot understand out value. Some people in the world are still waiting for us.

Don’t waste time on those people who cannot see our shining points. So far, I have great time in some famous dating apps and I wish most people can enjoy online chatting now with my major tips. Good luck to you all!

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